Hello Mr Specht,
I would like to thank you and Gauder Akustik for your support, perseverance and patience!
Today I'm glad that I bought a black DARC 80 with diamond. It's a dream to look at, but the diamond is in a different league. If you listen carefully (and compare it to the ceramic HT).

Sometimes you find yourself looking up at the system in disbelief. Be it because of the resolution, the dynamics, or simply the serenity. The calmness in the panorama is incredible and the bass reproduction is a dream. I would never have thought it possible that I would be stuck with classical music.

Voices in particular gain with the 2.5-way systems as they are played in, so I'm curious to see what's still to come. In any case, I had to cry while listening to music today. I don't think you can pay a better compliment to a loudspeaker or the manufacturer.

With my best regards
Marc S.

25 July 2019


Hello ,
as promised after about 5 weeks of use a first "field" feedback of your Arcona 100 operated with known AVM devices.

Box was "burned in" via DVD Well, what can I say? I will describe it with an example:
Last night I listened to the Blue Ray Concert Live DVD David Gilmour Live at Pompeii on which "old" Pink Floyd classics were rearranged. Your Arcona 100 brought Pink Floyd Live into my living room with a sound experience that absolutely blew me away, all AVM levels were quickly turned up to the maximum and the Arcona didn't show the slightest weakness, except for the fact that the membranes had to work visibly. Really Mr. Gauder, an absolute goosebump listening experience (DVD device Cambridge Audio Azur 751 BD) and as the icing on the cake the tremendous live concert picture via a Loewe 55" flat screen of the latest generation. World class, phenomenal.

I can't even imagine how your higher product ranges sound. Maybe I will be able to listen to these products sometime / somewhere.

Conclusion: I am still an enthusiastic "new customer" who discovers new worlds of sound / listening experiences with the Arcona 100 every day. I wish you and your team a good "rest of the year" and all the best for the new year.

Yours sincerely,
V. W.

17 January 2018


Dear Mr. Gauder,
after having purchased the Arcona 40 as discussed and having put it into operation, I would like to report the following to you as promised: First of all, the trade press did not exaggerate, the Arcona 40 really sounds as dynamic and transparent as described. But that's not really the point. Since I drive the Arcona 40 through the Devialet 120, I also use the "SAM processing", which is adjustable for your speakers.

Basically, I like the sound of the Devialet very much, but with the processing it gets so much more out of the Arcona 40 that I consider the processing programming to be very successful. You are welcome to pass on my praise to Devialet. Of course, the Devialet is actually "far too expensive" for the Arcona 40, as it costs almost three times as much, but your Arcona 40 beats so many much more expensive bookshelf speakers that the overall price of the system is again really in order.

To be honest, I have never heard a bookshelf speaker that can compete with your Arcona 40. And unfortunately I can't set up a floorstanding speaker. So thank you again and keep up the good work!

12 September 2016


I have been the owner of the Arcona 60 for a year now and always enjoy the sound of these speakers. I am glad that I found this speaker after many misdirections. I am completely satisfied.

With kind regards
Chr. A.

31 August 2016

Ceramic series

Dear Dr. Gauder,
We recently visited your company with the aim of having our Cassiano D updated to the Cassiano II D Black Edition. We combined our visit with a short holiday in Stuttgart. Many thanks again for the friendly reception. You have been offering this service for three years now. Since we were already more than happy with the Cassiano in its original form, it was very difficult for us to decide to take the journey as well as the financial expenditure upon ourselves.
So we were eager to see the result of the modifications. In your listening room we could already notice profound changes in the sound, but at that time we didn't know how the speakers would sound on our system in our rooms. When we arrived home, we immediately integrated the speakers into the system and placed them in their original positions - a mistake, as it turned out. The first sound experiences were stunning. With the increasing number of discs, however, doubts arose. The sound pressure now exceeded our desired level, the dominating bass was at the expense of the mids and highs. It took us some time to realise that it was due to the wrong positioning of the speakers. Whereas we had to align the old speakers to the listening position to achieve the right sound pressure level, this was no longer necessary and was even wrong and annoying. The conversion gave the speakers a much better bass foundation with the same or even greater brilliance. Our mood brightened abruptly. It is particularly positive to note that the highs, which were previously perceived as sharp, in parts almost painful, are reproduced much more naturally and softly with the new diamond tweeters. In addition, you get the impression of sitting in front of a stage or an orchestra, where you can pinpoint each actor's place in the room. The speakers are no longer perceived as such. Since we use the Cassiano not only for listening to music, but also for TV sound, the quality of the speech reproduction is not to be underestimated. With our old speakers and initially also with the new ones, we had the problem that the speech in films was reproduced with varying degrees of cleanliness, depending on the recording quality. This makes the whole thing quite exhausting at times. Now that the speakers have been aligned, there is no sign of unclean reproduction. Who doesn't know the situation of coming home from a concert and wanting to relive the musical experience you just enjoyed in your own four walls, usually disillusionment, if not disappointment, sets in. The modified Cassiano, with their ravishing musicality, have what it takes to save the listener from such moments. Yesterday afternoon we put on the album " Made in Japan" by Deep Purple. Recently, the importance of Montreux for the creation of this album, especially the title "Smoke On The Water", was pointed out on TV. We have never heard the album in such power and brilliance, it was intoxicating.

To sum up, we would like to say that the project of having the speakers rebuilt has been a success all along the line. We are now starting to rediscover and enjoy our music collection. Pieces that used to sound bland and boring are coming to life.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as well as all your collaborators, for your successful efforts to achieve the best sound and for the result achieved on our speakers. It is admirable how dedicated you and your team are to the goal of providing all interested music enthusiasts with a pristine, natural listening experience of the highest musicality.

For us, it was an exciting, eventful few days. The visit of your company was a special experience for us, which we will keep in pleasant memory. Many thanks again.

Kerstin and Andreas W.

30 August 2020


Super, many thanks! Loudspeaker (CASSIANO MK II Diamant) just bought!!!! The most expensive LS I have ever had! Don't regret it! This is quality of life for me ;)

A. S.

12 September 2016


Hello Mr. Gauder,
thank you very much for sending us the polishing paste for our Vescova free of charge. After two years, the supplied jar was now used up and I just hate it when there are too many fingerprints on the beautiful black piano lacquer. The Vescovas are in the middle of our living room and that's where they belong!

At first I was horrified when I saw how big the Vescovas are and in black they look really powerful. But now I love them! You may not be able to imagine it, but I now listen to music more and more intensively than my husband! Your Vescovas are simply unmatched. I can't describe it the way my husband does, but the sound, it's so much better than anything we've had before (and we've had quite a few), it's beautiful. We heard a lot of things before we bought it, but your Vescova did it for us right from the start! No one else could match it. And in the meantime I'm so proud of these loudspeakers that I can hardly stand it any more when we go to friends' parties and hear their "things" playing.

I know it's hard to put all this into words, but I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are! Thank you again!

Mrs V. N. from Wörishofen

12 August 2016


Hello Mr. Gauder,
Thank you again for the pleasant conversation on Monday afternoon when I collected my Cassiano from your company. I would like to try to tell you in my own words what my impression is after 2 hours of playing in.
I sat down, put the Beethoven Piano Concerto in the CD player and heard a completely different Cassiano! The difference for me is enormous and fantastic! I would never have expected that. As you write on your website, the speakers play with more spaciousness, more bass presence without overdoing it, more power and richness of detail. What I particularly liked is that the music comes across with more feeling, a phenomenal lightness and also the treble lost its sharpness.

For me, the update price is already hefty, but the sound improvements justify it all.

Even after 2-3 hours of listening, I always want more - that's how enthusiastic I am about my "new" Cassiano !

Best regards and all the best to you.
K. H. from Tübingen

11 July 2016


Hello Mr. Gauder,
the replacement of the Vescova MK II was carried out last Friday and thus took a total of 17 weeks.
In my opinion, however, the long wait was worth it and in the end they kept their word: The new pair is flawless. During the first listening sessions, however, the question arose as to whether this pair had received a modified tuning. Compared to the first MKII, the new ones play so openly, vividly and sovereignly that I am at a loss for words. The increase in transparency is evident throughout the entire frequency range, and the new pair is also on point in the bass. In any case, I have no explanation for this, the set-up and the system are absolutely identical and the new MKIIs have not even been played in yet. Please enlighten me.

In any case, thank you very much for your support! I am extremely pleased that Gauder Akustik has now delivered the appropriate quality.

With best regards
M. S. from Baden-Württemberg

04 July 2016


Hello Dr. Gauder,
Thank you for the update, which has brought another sensational sound improvement for me as a classical music listener.

The Cassiano without the update is already an outstanding transducer and I would not have expected such a great sound improvement to this extent. Thanks also to your staff who carried out the update. A quick question at the end: Is there any documentation about the new warranty?

Best regards
J. S. from Munich and continued success

20 June 2016

Berlina Series

Dear Mr. Gauder, the RC 8 and I have come to know and love each other over the last few weeks. You are a terrific artist. You have made it possible for me to enjoy music in my listening room like I could never have imagined. For that, I go down on my knees to you and thank you again most sincerely.

With best regards,

W. F. | Mannheim

22 April 2018


Hi there Gauder Acoustics,
seems like my long travel is history now. As skeptical as I was in the beginning when my local dealer ordered your big Berlina RC 9 for me as convinced am I now! Wonderful! They sound brilliant, clear, powerful – but most of all they give me the groove! This is really something new to me and as a man of funk music this is what attracts me most. You cannot sit still when these speakers start to shake your booty! It’s unbelievable!

On the other hand I could hear that my old preamp-amp combination from Audio Research was not strong enough to drive your Berlinas. It was not the lack of power, it was the control. Things turned out exactly as this reviewer from The Absolute Sound predicted: when playing the RC 9s then you immediately start looking for better electronics as the RC 9s show each detail of music. Can you give me some helpful advice for the right electronics?

Mr. S. B. / Singapore

12 August 2016


Hello Dr. Gauder,
After you have updated my two Berlina RC7 to MK2, I am totally thrilled with the sound. It was definitely the right decision to have the update carried out. You can hear details that were simply non-existent before.

I experience music in a whole new dimension. The best thing about the RC7 is that they are very uncritical in terms of placement (close to the wall and in a smaller living room) and do not concentrate the sound. This was my biggest concern when buying the speakers. These worries have vanished into thin air. I think I have found my speakers for life, unless an RC8 comes suspiciously close to my budget at some point ...

Thank you for the update, best regards to you and your whole team from Hessen.

S. L. from Berlin

03 July 2016


Hello Mr. Gauder,
The fact that loudspeakers sound somewhat different depending on the manufacturer, and certainly also depending on the room, was and is not new and is also known to me. Nevertheless, I would not have thought and did not believe that the Berlina RC7D would nevertheless represent a clear sonic progress compared to my Magico V3.

But that's how it is. Not that the sound is completely different (and that's a good thing), but everything is a little, but clearly audibly better: bass a little more powerful, mids clearer and more distinct, treble smooth but still rich in detail. There is more spatiality, and also impulse speed has increased in comparison. But the New Year's Eve party was also a new experience; it can be loud without losing sound quality. All in all, a plus for music. I am more than satisfied, great speaker. Congratulations.

Many thanks, and a successful and healthy 2016.

12 January 2006

Darc Series

Dear Dr. Gauder, dear Mr. Specht!
My DARC 100 speakers arrived safely in Vienna last Thursday, thank you very much.

I am thrilled, speechless and touched. My entire music repertoire can now be rediscovered, the radiance of the Darc 100 lies in the so important mids, bass and treble complement the sound to harmony. Since my listening room has modest dimensions, I reduced the bass and treble by -1.5dB each with the jumpers and took out the bass extension. Voices and instruments are now there in a quality that leaves one speechless, even stirring emotions. My partner, my cousin and I regularly had tears in our eyes. A Cecilia Bartoli sounds incredibly real, with all the warmth and melting in her voice, she is enormously beguiling through the DARC 100. Compared to my previous Vescova (also a dream speaker in its class), the DARC now plays more grown-up and mature, with an incredibly powerful dynamic and, as my cousin said: like a precision instrument that is so much fun and a pleasure to listen to at the same time. I have tested and listened to many speakers in my home over the past years, always looking for a final solution. Thanks to Gauder Akustik and their DARC 100 I have now arrived, I don't know what could be better. The unique selling point of the DARC 100 is: no matter what genre of music, all music from recorded media or the internet (FLAC) sounds great. So many other speakers "prefer" individual styles of music, sometimes a disc sounds good, sometimes not so good, not so with the DARC 100. This speaker is simply great.

For me, Dr. Gauder is a master of his trade, perhaps the best and most ingenious loudspeaker developer of our time.

I hope we can stay in touch, please keep me informed about innovations on a regular basis.

See you at the Highend in Munich in 2021 at the latest!

Yours sincerely
P. Wagner from Vienna

03 July 2020


Hello Mr Specht,
I would like to thank you and Gauder Akustik for your support, perseverance and patience!

Today, I am glad that a black DARC 80 with diamond has become my choice. It's a dream to look at, but the diamond is in a different league. If you listen carefully (and compare it to the ceramic HT).

Sometimes you find yourself looking up at the system in disbelief. Be it because of the resolution, the dynamics, or simply the serenity. The calmness in the panorama is incredible and the bass reproduction is a dream. I would never have thought it possible that I would be stuck with classical music.

Voices in particular gain with the 2.5-way systems as they are played in, so I'm curious to see what's still to come. Anyway, today I had to cry while listening to music. I don't think you can pay a better compliment to a loudspeaker or the manufacturer.

With my best regards
Marc S.

25 July 2019


Hello Dr. Gauder,
...Your DARC series is awesome!!! It's a real "Gauder child" (sorry for the flippant wording) I'm thrilled - was already able to listen to the "little one" last year in the test stage! ....when I grow up, I'll get a 100 ;-)
Until then, your Europa Masterpiece continues to inspire me...

All joking aside: congratulations on your success! I am very happy for you. With all modesty, the concept, from the cabinet to the chassies to the turnout is already unique and ingenious.
I hope you can enjoy it.
All the best for the future.

Best regards from Leipzig
H. G.

19 May 2018


Good day Dr. Gauder,
I have been watching your YT videos for the last few days and I have to say that I have learned more about LS & acoustics than in all the years before when this subject fascinated me. Especially the 3 videos on the mathematical basics have fascinated and gripped me very much as a mechanical engineering student.

Thank you very much at this point for your efforts to present and explain these non-trivial contents in a way that is understandable for the (interested) layman. My question is now directed at the topics of digital room correction and active/passive comparison that you have recently dealt with. Although I am (through my father) a lover of good stereo sound and have been able to appreciate this for some years through the acquisition of a Linn Streamer System (Linn Majik DSM & Linn Majik 140 loudspeaker), I have recently become increasingly interested in the subject of home cinema.

Kind regards from Luxembourg,
M. K.

21 April 2020


Hello Mr. Gauder,
I was actually disappointed when Mr. Hintze didn't present but Mr. Wendl did. But he really has what it takes! Great! And many thanks for the great presentation! We'll be back next year!
Michael J. from M

28 August 2019


Dear Gauder Team,
Thank you very much for the wonderful music demonstration at the HighEnd! You had by far the most beautiful and also acoustically best room and the sound of your DARC 250 was round, powerful but of such dynamics that we all could only marvel. I, for one, have never heard music like that before! Hats off!
Josuah K. from M

28 August 2019


Hello Mr. Gauder,
as always with you, incredibly good sound and an excellent presentation by Mr. Wendl! Interesting, captivating and finally a different perspective on our favourite hobby!
We were all thrilled!
Hans D. from GP

28 August 2019


Dear Gauder Acoustics Team!
First of all, congratulations on your performance at the HighEnd and on the best sound at the whole fair!
Actually, I had come to nurse my prejudices that German loudspeakers are no good and that American ones simply sound better. Well, then I visited you and your dealer in Munich at the fair and I have to say that they were the best I have ever heard. So dynamic, so clean, so high resolution and yet not annoying and sharp, just unbelievably good! My compliments and thank you for destroying my prejudices so beautifully!
Dieter B. from A

28 August 2019

When working in big recording studios like Abbey Road Studio, I need a speaker that is close to the original. I need to hear how the string of a violinist resonates, for example. GAUDER AKUSTIK loudspeakers can do that.

Tobias Wendl
Sound engineer