• 2-way compact monitor of highest standard
  • Incredible impulse reproduction and spatiality
  • Speaker stand available

Capello 40

Compact monitors have their own fascination. The Capello 40 is no exception. Listen to how precisely it plays to the point, how multi-faceted its voice and instrument reproduction is, and how accurately it sketches the acoustic picture.

  • 2 ½-way floorstanding speaker that sets absolutely new standards
  • Incredible deep bass response
  • Perfect dynamics and fine detail resolution
  • Suitable for rooms up to 50 sqm

Capello 80

An incredibly powerful speaker! With our unique 2 ½-way technology, you get everything a good speaker must be able to do. Spatial, impulsive, natural - a real understatement speaker that can do it all!

  • Full-fledged three-way speaker with extremely high-resolution highs/midrange and high-pass filtered double bass reflex system
  • Incredibly deep bass reproduction of the utmost precision
  • Holographic acoustic imaging
  • For rooms up to 80 sqm

Capello 100

Do you love 3-way systems? With double bass? Black bass, unbelievable dynamics, finest details, perfect three-dimensionality? Then the Capello 100 will be your loudspeaker!

  • Center speaker for a Capello home cinema system

Capello Center

The right playing partner for your Capello home cinema. Extremely high intelligibility, dynamics and attack. A real home cinema experience!