The Capello SeriES

the new breakthrough in the up-and-coming class

Imagine getting all the technology, knowledge and experience from our best products in new loudspeakers that are priced well below, but set absolutely new standards in their class in terms of sound quality. Wouldn't you want to own such a product then? And if you knew that this new series uses technology that is unparalleled in Hi-Fi, wouldn't it be a must to listen to these speakers? And what if these speakers not only sound better than their predecessors but are priced even lower than their predecessors?

If you think all this is exciting, then read on.

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The Capello - outstanding in sound and up to almost any task.

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Technical details

  • BiWiring terminal with WBT binding posts
  • Bass Extension Module can be used
  • Bass level adjustable in 3 steps (except Capello 40)
  • New X-Pulse bass and midrange drivers
  • New tweeters with aluminium and beryllium cone,
    beryllium available as option
  • Upgradeable every time to beryllium tweeter
  • New crossover circuitry with perfect impulse response
  • Ultra-stiff, teardrop-shaped enclosure
  • Available in black and white piano lacquer and various wood veneers
  • Double Vision version available
  • Front-grille with magnetic holder optionally available
Capello tweeter

With the tweeter, the most important thing is that it has the lowest possible moving mass and that the diaphragm is torsionally stiff. In cooperation with a German tweeter specialist, we succeeded in developing two tweeters that set new benchmarks in this area. This resulted in our new aluminium tweeter and the unique beryllium tweeter.


A midrange cone must also be as light as possible, but must not exhibit any resonance or partial vibrations. Our new Capello midrange driver is a prime example of such a speaker driver.


The circuitry of the Capello loudspeakers breaks all previous rules regarding quality and number of components. As the crossover directs the crucial frequencies to their mechanical counterparts this filtering is essentially more important than the drivers’ materials. As a novelty in Hi-Fi history we use crossovers with a completely new topology with extreme steep slopes and our unique circuitry symmetry.

Of course we exclusively use components from the German specialist companies Mundorf and Intertechnik. Not the diaphragm material is decisive but the skilful circuitry which is driving the different ways in a multi-way loudspeaker system.

The Woofers

Newly developed long-throw woofers give all Capello speakers power and a real foundation. We made sure to build special drivers that still radiate linearly even with larger strokes and thus can drive gigantic high levels. More importantly, however, is the enormous bass precision of this new type of woofer design. You will hear this from the first note.

The Double Vision Version

If you want to climb to the highest sonic peaks of the Capello speakers, we recommend our tuning variant, the "Double Vision" version. Using extremely high quality crossover components, better internal wiring, rhodium plated gold bridges, the large WBT-Nextgen terminals and finer selection, the Capellos filter out even more subtleties from the music, resulting in that effortless music reproduction that can be so extremely relaxing. Please always order directly at the time of purchase, as retrofitting is not possible here!

Bass Extension

As with all of our speakers, you can use the Bass Extension modules to adjust the low bass reproduction to your listening room with pinpoint accuracy. In 6 steps, all room problems can be precisely addressed and almost always eliminated.

Awards Capello-Series

Capello 100








Quality and service promise

Highend – 
Made in Germany

From development and production to the final inspection with listening test - every loudspeaker is manufactured in Renningen.


With our unique GAUDER Lifetime-Update your loudspeaker will always be technically and sonically up to date.

Accuton Ceramic tweeter

The new fantastic ceramic tweeter with enormous resolution and detail - now in the MK II series.

10 years warranty

We know about the quality of our speakers. Therefore we grant for registered loudspeakers
10 years warranty.


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