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Dear Gauder Acoustics Team
First of all congratulations on your appearance at the HighEnd and on the best sound on the whole fair!
Actually, I had come to cultivate my prejudices that German loudspeakers are no good and American ones simply sound better. Well, and then I was at the fair with you and your dealer in Munich and I must say that was the best I ever heard. So dynamic, so clean, so high-resolution and yet not annoying and sharp, just incredibly good! Compliments and thanks for destroying my prejudices so beautifully!
Dieter B. from A
Hello Mr. Gauder,
as always with you, incredibly good sound and an excellent presentation by Mr. Wendl! Interesting, captivating and finally a different view on our favourite hobby!
We were all thrilled!
Hans D. from GP
Dear Gauder Team,
thank you very much for the wonderful music demonstration at the HighEnd! You had by far the most beautiful and acoustically best room and the sound of your DARC 250 was round, powerful but of such dynamics that we all could only marvel. I, for one, have never heard music like this before!
Josuah K. from M
"The old adage that resolution lost can never be recovered fits all components in the listening chain but speakers are the last bastion of purity from which the music must emerge. The Berlina RC 9 easily holds the line."

Dear Roland,

Thank you for your amazing speaker. It easily has the best mid-bass I've heard and overall is the best ceramic/diamond driver speaker I have heard.