Handmade in Germany

When you buy a loudspeaker from Gauder Akustik you do not get a loudspeaker "off the rack" - no you get a loudspeaker that is especially made for you. Right from the first idea to the finished product everything is done in house or parts are delivered from German first class factories.

Only thus we can be sure to ship you a loudspeaker of highest sophistication in sound and finish. We check each cabinet extensively, we measure each loudspeaker carefully and we even listen to each pair before it leaves our house. Everything to insure this loudspeaker is a real Gauder Akustik!

With our production certificate our employees sign each manufacturing process and confirm that each step has been carried out in our sophisticated manner.

So a Gauder Akustik not only is a loudspeaker but it is also a technical  masterpiece for performing your favorite music which will drive your emotions to a new level.